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Head (Machine)


Acrylic/oil on fiberboard
24.8 x 33.3 cm
9.76 x 13.11 in

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"How curiously shallow the brain is; however subtle and deep thought is, it's nevertheless born of shallowness. Thought is bound by time and time is petty; it's this pettiness that perverts "seeing". Seeing is always instantaneous, as understanding, and the brain which is put together by time, prevents and also perverts seeing. Time and thought are inseparable; put an end to one, you put an end to the other. Thought cannot be destroyed by will for will is thought in action. Thought is one thing and the centre from which thought arises is another. Thought is the word and the word is the accumulation of memory, of experience. Without the word is there thought? There's a movement which is not word and it is not of thought. This movement can be described by thought but it is not of thought. This movement comes into being when the brain is still but active, and thought can never search out this movement."

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti's Notebook

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Head (Machine)

Edition / Auflage:199

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Print size / Druckgrösse:
24.8 x 33.3 cm / 9.76" x 13.11"

Sheet size / Bogengrösse:
34 x 43 cm / 13.39" x 16.93"