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Medusa Experiment


Acrylic on fiberboard
25 x 50 cm
9.84 x 19.69 in

Text ⇒

"I imagine my head as a daedalian web of wires, circuits and wad receptors. My eyes are burning, glowing strange lights on the opposite wall; sometimes green and sometimes red. I rub my temples and lean my head back. It’ s so heavy. My neck can’t hold it anymore. Everything inside is working on processing the massive number of information. Yes, even the mechanical improvements that experts applied on our brains are not enough for the large number of information we must process every day. There’s a taste of rust in my mouth, but I keep smiling. I hear the sound of the gears inside my skull. Rhythmic. Reminds me of an old song Bjork had sung in a movie. Mmmmm … mmm … mmm … I hum the melody as I put the virtual trip goggles to reduce stress. Immediately I stand in the middle of a meadow. Tall grass has covered the old railway lines. I open my arms to balance and walk on the rails, placing my steps in absolute straight line, one after another. It relaxes me. I continue to sing in rhythm. Sometimes I think I can nearly smell the flowers, but it’s just my imagination. All I smell is actually rust, but I pretend I don’t care."

-- Evlampia Tsireli

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Medusa Experiment

Edition / Auflage:199

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Print size / Druckgrösse:
25 x 50 cm / 9.84" x 19.69"

Sheet size / Bogengrösse:
34.5 x 59.4 cm / 13.58" x 23.39"