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Space-Warp Machine II


Acrylic/oil on canvas
360 x 120 cm
141.73 x 47.24 in

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"But thought is only a reaction, a response of memory and thought breeds time to cover the space between what is and what should be. The what should be, the ideal, is verbal, theoretical; it has no reality. The actual has no time; it has no end to achieve, no distance to travel. The fact is and everything else is not. There is no fact if there's not death to ideal, to achievement, to an end; the ideal, the goal are an escape from the fact. The fact has no time and no space."

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti's Notebook

The geometry of this painting is based on a truncated hexacosichoron (600-cell) a regular 4-dimensional polytope generated with Fritz H.Obermeyer's Jenn3D software.

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