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Artificial Sleep V


Acrylic on fiberboard
70 x 60 cm
27.56 x 23.62 in

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There is no need for dreams if during the waking hours there is a choiceless awareness in which every fleeting thought and feeling is understood; then sleep has altogether a different meaning. Analysis of the hidden implies the observer and the observed, the censor and the thing that is judged. In this there is not only conflict but the observer himself is conditioned and his evaluation, interpretation, can never be true; it will be crooked, perverted. So self-analysis or an analysis by another, however professional, may bring about some superficial changes, an adjustment in relationship and so on but analysis will not bring about a radical transformation of consciousness. Analysis does not transform consciousness.

Jiddu Krishnamurti's Notebook

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Location: Private collection / Switzerland

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Artificial Sleep V

Edition / Auflage:199

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Print size / Druckgrösse:
70 x 60 cm / 27.56" x 23.62"