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Gynoid-Monument III


Acrylic on fiberboard
32 x 40 cm
12.6 x 15.75 in

Text ⇒

"The desire for perfection outwardly or inwardly denies love and without love, do what you will, there's always frustration and sorrow. Love is neither perfect nor imperfect; it's only when there's no love that perfection and imperfection arise. Love never strives after something; it does not make itself perfect. It's the flame without the smoke; in striving to be perfect, there's only greater volume of smoke; perfection, then, lies only in striving, which is mechanical, more and more perfect in habit, in imitation, in engendering more fear."

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti's Notebook

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On the following page you can see several stages of the progress of the painting.

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Gynoid-Monument III

Edition / Auflage:199

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Print size / Druckgrösse:
25.6 x 32 cm / 10.08" x 12.6"

Sheet size / Bogengrösse:
32.9 x 40 cm / 12.95" x 15.75"